Thursday, July 26, 2007

Long time no post

This is driving me insane. First I go and make a decent amount at Otakon selling fan art. And I'm now with commissions and work as usual that I don't get around to posting on here. *tragedy* And I like to blog on this as well.

So I found some squirrels on my laptop. I love the kind with the pretty tails and tufty ears.

And totally off topic but I feel so bad for my account seeing as I didn't realize it was recently taken over by Google. I am racked with guilt now. (not really, but enough to bother me slightly)

Time to get back to animating this short for "Baby Poetry" now. Since I last wrote here, I have been currently working for Magik World. Lovely little studio to freelance to. The man who runs it, Maciek Albrecht, is an amazing animator and definitely a person I look up to artistically.