Thursday, July 03, 2008

A little something coming this August.

I tell you, there is nothing like a chocolate topped, white-cream (with real cream as the secret ingredient!) donut in the morning with coffee! Albiet sticky like crazy, and to be in the gym on an eliptical for 30 min to burn it off, but oh-so-good. :) Thank goodness the store isn't down the street! It's in around where my family used to live (and extended still do), so it's a good thing that they aren't nearby!
So as for this little piece of work below, as of right now, I am now currently working as the comic artist for the magazine, Gaku-X, a Japanese Rock/Pop Culture magazine written in English. I have the privilage to work on 4 pages a month, which I have therefore figured to turn into a little series paying an affectionate satire to the fan community that the magazine caters to. It focuses on a Japanese-American guy and his friends who are fangirls, or as some say "Japanophiles" or "weaboos." I've been to enough conventions to know. ...but am DYING to go to San Diego Comic-Con! I get jealous of anyone who gets to go. It just looks like so much fun.
Done in copic markers and color pencil.

And for more of your art fix, I still have yet to get the DVD of this film that I worked on, posted below. I think it turned out goregous, though I wish that I had the original voice track to work off of and time better. Note what I had to work with, and the end result.

"I Wish" is originally by Vera Brosgol, screenplay by Dalis Ponrattanasiri

My animation:

The film: