Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keep on Keeping on

So I have been keeping busy. As said, above are some purses I made around this time last year. I have to make a tutorial on how to do these puppies for anyone else interested.

Unfortunately, due to the economy, I've picked up part time jobs like any dutiful artist, and decided after hearing positive feedback from some places in CA, but at the same time, rejections, due to my location, to move to town and just "Take the leap."

As frustrating as it has been, I really don't blame anyone for choosing to hire locally. There's so many talents in California that it would be a waste of money and resources to hire from out of state. I do love the industry, but know it's the way things are. I'm willing to go for it.

....asides, I am not too fond of cooler weather.

So remember this image from last year?

Well someone in Brazil was inspired enough to make these little guys!

I mean, honestly! How cool is that? I was surprised earlier when they came from left field, but once everything was cleared up, it's all good. Because honestly it's a huge compliment and totally made my day! I wish I had known about them sooner!

The credit for the sculptures totally goes to Joedson Rosa

So what do you think, everyone? Perhaps I should go into toy design and Joedson Rosa does the sculpting?

AND! To top it off as well, MaGiK World, the studio I had freelanced for last year, has recently won a "shared" Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program! HBO's "Classical Baby: Poetry Show" I think that's quite awesome. 8th Paragraph down.
The Outstanding Children’s Program was shared by two winners: HBO’s Classical Baby (I’m Grown Up Now): The Poetry Show and Nickelodeon’s Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: The Untouchable Kids Of India. This marked two Emmys in a row in this category for Nick News with Linda Ellerbee. Last year the series won for the episode titled “Private Worlds: Kids with Autism.”