Monday, June 30, 2008

Moving up and forward.

Goodness, I feel like a horrible person for neglecting my poor little blog! Things had been busy, but I am back on to moving forward towards bigger and better things. I've found I definitely do love and am happiest working in entertainment, whiether it's gaming, TV/Film, print or online. There's something there in the hours of work put in and the environment with that end result that is just SO satisfying. I can't really find a way to describe it, but it just makes me the happiest. Kind of like being in love, but not really. Cheesy? Yes. Happy in what I do and being a positive about it, oh heck yes!
And as of late, I am starting a comic that is in a new magazine, Gaku-X, entitled "Gaijin Rock" (Foreign Rock for you home gamers) that is an affectionate satire on the "Japanophelia" fandom. If you see it around, please let me know what you think! I'm quite excited about it. The first page I submitted I was surprised made it to the magazine since it was done in so little time (and not to my standards. Eek! I feel naked!) But the August 2008 issue, I promise will be much better.
So the art here, is one of a commission from last year, and another from a test I drew extra bunnies for at a graphic design firm which shall not be named. For privacy reasons.
But for now I have printouts to make and turnarounds to do in Flash!