Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Ship Rubber Tree

"On the Good Ship Rubber Tree"
Mixed Media (India Ink, Marker and Acrylics)

I adore Rubber hose style.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I Wish

Here's a pencil test of the short animation in the film "I Wish" my friend is doing.

These are bird women. They kind of remind me of Harpies. But anyhow, the film is based off of one of the stories in the "Flight" books.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mona Lisa

A long-awaited drawing for my friend, Lisa. I thought I'd be cute and draw her as the "Mona Lisa" but with a sari. I just recently bought myself some copic markers since my prismas are drying out, and sometimes I've bought a pack only to find that they're dry when I got them. Very disappointing. And cost-wise, it's better to have copic. (And I like the brush-tip, too) -But on a personal note for the future and anyone else: Don't use markers on Matboard. They suck up pigment like a sponge!

Currently I'm working on a small animation for a film called "I Wish" being done by a friend of mine. It's a student piece, but I sincerely think it has a lot of potential. I intend on sharing some snippets of the animation later since Blogger now has that awesome video posting option. :)

And my rubber hose pirates painting is finished as well now. I just need to frame it and get it to the local Art Association for their Night Gallery show. It's exciting! I'm going to be dressed as a pirate with friends running around kidnapping people, and saying "YARR! To the brig with yee!" I enjoy acting.

And maybe this weekend once I get some things in order, I'll be sewing up some purses I've had in my mind's eye as of late. They have the potential to be awesome, but I need to go find some cords for the clutches I have in mind.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pirates of the Good Ship RubberTree

Trying to make a point to post every Friday. So here's something I've been working on. It's already made in gray marker and paint and just needs a little more yet until I share it here. It's going to be in the LCAA's Night Gallery.